Starr’s background in Spirituality and Leadership combined with sales and marketing make her the perfect Mentor for Coaches & Healers on The Cutting Edge.


Starr is a singer/songwriter in the Portland, OR area who has been performing and collaborating for over 30 years.


Starr is passionate about creating safe spaces, and has been facilitating groups virtually and in-person for over 15 years.


Ordained Spiritual and Esoteric Minister, Find out more information about Starr’s Spiritual Sundays: a virtual Sunday service for Rebels & Visionaries.


Starr has had a passion for writing from a very young age, and is excited to share her published works with the world. They include both personal story and practical inspiration for daily living.


Starr is vocal and passionate about equality, environmental sustainability, and societal change. She continues to speak up against systemic racism, misogyny, and oppression, always learning more about how she can use her privilege for good.


Starr has been speaking publicly for years, and has presented to groups large and small. Contact Starr to inquire about her availability to present to your group or organization.

About Starr

Starr Sheppard-Decker is a Spiritual Leader, Professional Vocalist, Public Speaker, Founder of Radical Revelations, and Mentor for Coaches & Healers on The Cutting Edge. Starr knows from experience how easy it is to stay in cycles of isolation, self-sabotage, and self-doubt when doing Cutting-Edge work, so she is super passionate about inspiring and connecting these leaders who are changing the world one session at a time.

Starr has been actively seeing clients since 2009, when she became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living, and has been studying personal and spiritual development for 20 years. She has impacted hundreds of lives through classes, presentations, interviews, retreats, music, humor, her presence, and by encouraging everyone she meets to be exactly who they are.

Called “pushy little broad” at the age of two, Starr is a natural-born leader. Over the last 15 years she has served in various leadership positions, including being on the Women’s Retreat Committee and serving as Board President at the Portland Center for Spiritual Living, being Project Manager for the Inspiring Woman Leaders Conference, and playing a vital role assisting at the annual World Domination Summit. Starr also had the honor of volunteering for many years at the Commonway Institute, run by thought leader Shariff Abdullah.

Blessed by the support of her husband for 17 years, her incredible friendships, and dozens of coaches, healers, and mentors, Starr knows how important it is to get Big Support when you have a Big Vision. When not homeschooling her youngest of three children, she continues to serve Coaches & Healers through her monthly Portland Lunch Meetups, her Facebook Community, and private and group Mentorship.