Starr’s Musical Journey

Starr Sheppard-Decker is a singer/songwriter in the Portland, OR area who has been performing for over 30 years. By the time she was 20, she had already sang in front of large crowds and was writing and performing her own music.

Over the years she has participated in various projects, including StarrVor (a 90’s rock cover duo), multiple rock bands, The Anythingers musical, The Friends Gospel Chorus, and two spiritual CD’s. The CD project The Next Step features Starr as lead vocalist on several songs, as well as one of the producers. Starr spent years singing for Sunday services at the Portland Center for Spiritual Living, and still occassionally sings around town at Spiritual Communities.

Starr has not only shared the stage with such powerful presences as LaRhonda Steele, Linda Rossi, Ken Brewer, Jim Solberg, Don Shultz, and Janice Scroggins, she also was a Karaoke DJ in multiple bars across Portland for over a decade.

After not much musical action for a few years, Starr is pleased to have connected with some incredible musicians at the end of 2017. Working on songwriting and production, Starr is thrilled to be challenged by her music yet again. This project hopes to have some recordings for the public by the end of 2018, and may consider live shows after that.




Original Music by Marci Beck

It was an honor for Starr to get to support her friend Marci in birthing her very first CD. Starr is featured as a backup vocalist, and mild percussionist.

Free includes 9 of Marci’s original songs, all sung by Marci herself. Supported by Ken Brewer and Starr Sheppard-Decker, the CD is inspiring, uplifting and diversified. The songs were written over a number of years and the CD was released in September, 2012.

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The Next Step

Original Music by Marci Beck

Marci’s second CD features incredible musicians from the NW, fun New Thought lyrics, and even a sweet youth chorus to round out the sound. Full of a variety of styles, Starr got the honor of helping to produce this magical album.

You’ll find Starr’s lead vocals on numerous tracks, including the title song “The Next Step,” along with backup vocals on several songs featuring the adult choir. Starr also helped Ken Brewer in arrangment and mixing production, and was thrilled to get to have her own son, Coi Holloway, get to participate in the youth choir.