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Awarepreneurs: Launch Monday! (Video Interview)

Starr was honored to be interviewed by Paul Zelizer of Awarepreneurs as she talked about her new program, “Mastermind, Mentorship & Mastery for Coaches & Healers on The Cutting Edge” starting March 1st, 2018.

(February 2018)

Heart and Hustle Interview with Paulette Rees-Denis (Video Interview)

Grab a warm beverage and watch this fun conversation between Starr and Paulette.

Topics range from annual life themes to background stories and more!

When you’re done, check out Paulette’s other interviews with magical women with Heart and Hustle!

(January 2018)

The Generosity Chronicles; Dear Starr: To Be Free! (Blog)

A sweet blog written with Starr in mind. (December 2017)

The MOB NW Quarterly Conference: Self-Love & Success (Presenter)

While there’s no way to go back and tap into the powerful energy that happened that day, Starr spoke to a room of 80+ Moms who own their own businesses. Her hour-long presentation, “Know Your Value” brought tears, laughter, and practical next steps for listeners.
(February 2017)

Embracing Intensity Episode 13: You ARE Enough (Podcast Interview)

In Aurora Remember’s powerful podcast, Embracing Intensity, Starr talks about her experienc of being an intense woman in a world that doesn’t always welcome or celebrate that intensity. In a fun-yet-deep conversation, hear more about being in the Era of the Reawakening of The Divine Feminine, along with other insights, ideas, and stories from Starr.
(January 2017)

The Generosity Chronicles: Star(r) Spotlight 2 (Blog)

Like the love story we all want to receive, this beautifully-written post reflects the author’s experience of Starr upon first meeting her. (December 2016)

Holiday Heartbreak Survival Kit: Shatter Your Shoulds
(Video Interview)

With Jess Tomlinson

What a great way to support those who may be struggling during the holidays. Watch this fun and informative hour-long chat with Jess around how we “should” all over ourselves, how it hurts us, and what to do about it.
(December 2016)

The MOB Nation: When Your marriage Flows Your Business Grows (Guest Blog)

While Starr’s current focus is no longer on helping Moms in their marriages, she was passionate about serving this community for a long time, and helped dozens of women and families along the way. Read about the connection between a healthy relationship and a successful business in Starr’s Guest Blog on the MOB Nation community site.

(August 2016)

Fight Church TV: Starr Talks Unschooling with Jesse Sponberg (Live Interview)

Sadly, the video recording of this event got pulled due to a song used that violated a copyright. Dang. Needless to say it was an incredible event, Jesse asked all sorts of deep questions, and Starr even got to sing a line or two.
(August 2015)

Invocation for Self-Love (Audio)

Starr got the honor of contributing to the iBeLove ebook: The Inner Fool & The Art of Self-Love with something she does best: affirmative prayer. While the ebook is no longer available for download, you can still listen to the invocation for free on Sound Cloud. Feel free to use it daily!
(May 2015)

Inspiring Woman Leaders Annual Conference (Project Manager, M.C., and Vocalist)

Starr was approached in 2014 to take over the Project Manager position and gladly accepted. Her one year contribution allowed the event to keep going at a time when its future seemed unclear. Inspiring Woman Leaders brings women together for inspiration, networking, and growth.
(March 2015)

Leadership for Women Virtual Summit

Starr presented on an hour-long webinar one of her favorite topics: A deep look at Black & White Thinking, and how it impacts as individuals and a society.
(September 2014)

Lynette Davis: Be the Change Series

Starr in a live “Hangout” with Lynette Davis.
(August 2014)

Better Smarter Richer (Interview)

Starr shares her story, and talks business, in this lively conversation.

Starr’s focus has shifted a lot since this conversation, but her background remains the same.
(August 2014)

Witch Key, The Movie

Starr Voices "The Queen of Hearts" in this fun kid's fantasy. (2010)
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